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Transforming Pathology Operations: The Collaborative Success of Mojo Soup and Healius

Let’s dive into the success story of Mojo Soup joining forces with Healius. Through insightful quotes and first hand accounts from Project Manager and SME Tracey Blackmur, we uncover the challenges faced, the collaborative implementation of the PER App provided by Mojo Soup, and the tangible impact on efficiency and patient outcomes.

The Client

One of Australia’s leading healthcare companies, Healius, is synonymous with quality, affordable, and accessible healthcare for all Australians. It has an expansive network of pathology laboratories, collection centres, and diagnostic imaging centres. Through this footprint and its 10,500+ people, Healius provides specialty diagnostic services to consumers and their referring practitioners.

The Issues

The challenges faced by Healius were centred around the laborious process of initiating Property Expenditure Requests (PER). The need for accurate placement of collection centres, coupled with the complexities of financial assessments, prompted Healius to seek a tech-driven solution. The PER app aimed to automate calculations, streamline approvals, and provide real-time alerts for critical events such as lease expirations.

“We needed a simple, intuitive user interface to cater for our on-the-go team”, explains Tracey.

The Project

The efficiency of diagnostic services plays a pivotal role in delivering timely and accurate patient outcomes. As one of the country’s largest pathology providers, Healius needed to uplift their pathology business through the implementation of the Property Expenditure Request (PER) app to gain efficiencies through automating processes, reducing errors, and driving critical business operations.

The Objectives

Healius aimed to enhance patient outcomes by optimising the placement of accredited collection centres, highlighting the manual and error-prone nature of their earlier process, which involved spreadsheet-based calculations and a complex approval chain. The primary goal was clear: make the process more efficient, minimise the risk of revenue loss, and improve overall business agility.

The Process

Mojo Soup came recommended from our engagement on an earlier project.

Mojo Soup’s responsiveness and ability to bridge the gap between IT and real-world operational needs were key factors in our successful collaboration” recalls Tracey, adding that live demonstrations and iterative discussions were key to success and enabling a clear understanding of requirements.

“They didn’t just assume they knew what we wanted. Between the Mojo Soup team, the Healius project team, and our SMEs, we really drilled down to what the business needed”.

The Team

On the customer side we worked intensively with Tracey Blackmur, who took on the role of both Project Manager and lead Subject Matter Expert (SME) on Accredited Collection Centres. Having worked with Healius for over 23 years, her experience is vast in a variety of roles from a relieving scientist to an area manager overseeing diagnostic clinics. This allowed us to utilise her unique blend of hands-on experience and strategic oversight to benefit the outcomes of the project.

Tracey highlighted the exceptional communication, responsiveness, and availability of the team at Mojo Soup, noting significant commitment from Principal Consultant Daniel Monger and COO Ben Chambers. The collaborative approach, embodied in the rapport developed between the teams, created a genuine relationship. The success of the project resonated beyond the technological solution and led to a supportive and understanding partnership. “The camaraderie with the Mojo Soup team was exceptional. I’d work with them any day of the week”, Tracey added.

The Outcome

The PER App was realised, aligning with Healius’ initial preference for using a Power App solution. The implementation followed a rigorous project management cycle, including User Acceptance Testing (UAT), virtual training, and a phased go-live approach. The Power App, resembling a user-friendly web page, seamlessly integrated with Healius’ operations. With hundreds of users nationally, the transition was a technological and cultural shift, enforcing 100% adherence due to the retirement of the previous Excel-based system.

“Mojo Soup’s solution has become integral to our operations”, Tracey affirms.

The impact on Healius’ efficiency was significant. The PER app streamlined processes, reduced errors, and ensured timely placement of collection centres while the project aligned with Healius’ broader strategy, increasing accessibility for patients and doctors, and contributing to positive patient outcomes.

The Learnings

When asked about lessons learned and future considerations, Tracey said the benefits would have been greater and faster had she involved Mojo Soup more proactively in shaping solutions from the outset of project delivery.

Connected Brilliance in Healthcare

The collaboration between Mojo Soup and Healius stands as a testament to the transformative power of technology in healthcare operations. By applying our approach of Connected Brilliance, we have fostered a strong and collaborative relationship with Healius and drove positive change for their business, its patients, and our community.

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