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New Big-4 Hires Bolster Data and AI Capability at Mojo Soup

Digital and business transformation partner, Mojo Soup has announced two new leading hires in Data and AI to bolster its capability and capacity for Customers.  

Jared Bagnall joins as Practice Manager, leading the Insights and Analytics team alongside Principal Consultant, Haley Schumacher, both bringing vast consulting experience from big-four and leading edge data practices. 

David Lockie, Founder of Mojo Soup commented: “We are so excited to welcome Jared and Haley to lead our Insights and Analytics practice and develop our Data and AI offering. Securing this kind of capability in the burgeoning AI market provides the leading edge services our Customers need to grow and evolve. These appointments are completely aligned with our strategic focus and intent to engage brilliant minds to inspire and enable change across our Customer base.” 

The Mojo Soup business was formed in 2011 by David Lockie and Euan Kennedy, focused on inspiring Connected Brilliance in people, businesses and communities. Leveraging Microsoft platforms and proprietary technologies, the team work with a variety of public and private sector Customers to connect people through technology across Australia.  

Jared Bagnall commented: “Joining a business with a progressive outlook and a growing portfolio of Customers aligned with our expertise and experience was an important next step in our careers”.   Schumacher re-joins the team at Mojo Soup after 3 years, adding: “The strong values base and inclusive value proposition underpins their focus on achieving what’s best for the Customer. We are both looking forward to leading and expanding the practice, extending capability for existing Customers and securing new business opportunities as a team.” 

Mojo Soup continues to follow its strong growth trajectory, achieving 40% year on year growth in both revenue and headcount for the last 2 years, adding extra capacity and expanding into the Sydney market this year.  Lockie added: “We have built a business with strong foundations, talented people, and a loyal and growing Customer base. Our unwavering commitment on retaining and attracting the best talent to craft tools and technology solutions that enable transformation and sees us continuing to do more, be more and win more with our Customers.” 

About Mojo Soup 

Mojo Soup is a Digital and Business Transformation Partner with key capabilities in Business Transformation, Digital and App Innovation, and Insights and Analytics. 

Headquartered in Brisbane, Queensland, Mojo Soup crafts fit for purpose solutions and enables transformation through Talent, Tools and Technology. As a Microsoft Partner, the team build proprietary Moj-Apps, custom applications and Microsoft solutions which inspire and enable change in businesses, drive evolution, power efficiency and inform decisions. 

CONTACT: Ben Chambers, Chief Operations Officer  

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