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How I Experienced the Ultimate Work-Life Balance with a Working Holiday in India

By Pooja Keshanagari

With the traditional 9-5 office routine rapidly shifting, finding a balance between professional obligations and personal fulfilment can feel like a distant dream. My dream was this: a working holiday in India, reconnecting with family while excelling in my career. Sound too good to be true? Turns out, it was completely possible! Companies who understand the importance of flexibility in work arrangements stand out and for me, Mojo Soup redefined what it means to work and live. My recent experience offered a glimpse into a future where work-life harmony is a tangible reality. 

It has been 4.5 years since I have seen my family. This inspired me to think about whether it would be possible to work as well as stay with my family in India. Mojo Soup made this possible with a simple and efficient approval process. I just needed to discuss the dates with my project managers, and just like that, my working holiday was set. I was so excited about my trip! Living in India while continuing to work on my professional responsibilities was a dream come true. It wasn’t just a chance to be closer to family, but also a unique way to merge travel and work—often referred to as a “workcation.” This arrangement allowed me to enjoy the comforts of home and the warmth of spending time with loved ones, without compromising my work.  

At Mojo Soup, flexibility is not just about where you work from, but also how you work. During my time in India, my typical workday would be accompanied by the familiar sounds of the neighbourhood. Despite the time zone differences, the support from my team and the robust communication tools provided by Mojo Soup ensured that I stayed connected and productive. After work hours and on the weekends, I had the luxury to visit my family and favourite restaurants to relive my childhood memories.  

My working holiday gifted me moments that would have otherwise slipped through my fingers. Among these precious experiences was the celebration of my parents’ 30th wedding anniversary—an occasion filled with pure joy and a few unexpected tears! My brother and I arranged an early surprise party, leaving my parents utterly delighted and moved to tears by the unexpected gesture. 

Back in Australia, the team made sure I didn’t miss out the fun back home. I joined in our recent 15 Year Anniversary party in our brand new office, without ever setting foot in the building! 

I often say flexibility is both about where and how you work. It’s about moulding your professional life to better fit your personal life, and not the other way around. Mojo Soup stands as a testament to the fact that when companies invest in the well-being of their employees, the returns are manifold—increased loyalty, productivity, and overall job satisfaction. 

Working from India wasn’t just a job stunt; it was a memorable experience that highlighted the importance of work-life balance. It reaffirmed my belief that the right company can empower you not just as an employee, but as a person. Thank you, Mojo Soup, for the flexibility and for a truly enriching my working holiday! 

This unique blend of work and personal life is not just the future of work; it’s a profound way to enhance our lives and careers in ways we never thought possible. For those yearning for a similar experience, looking for an employer that values flexibility could be the first step towards a more fulfilling professional life.

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