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How Workplace Flexibility Improves Work-Life Balance

After decades of office nine-to-fives, more people have become aware of just how vital a good work-life balance is.

The modern workplace is about building a working experience that benefits your team and customers. We’re here to share our perspective on flexible working so that it might help you with yours.

So, what does workplace flexibility mean, and why does it matter?

Workplace flexibility is an alternative to traditional workplace models that define when and where workers perform their work.

Flexibility in the workplace means that your people can be involved in decisions about when, where, and how they work. It shouldn’t be seen as a perk you offer to your team.

How do we tackle workplace flexibility at Mojo Soup?

There are so many ways of operating as a flexible workplace. The most crucial part is finding options that meet everyone’s needs.

Let’s look at some typical work arrangements

1. Flexible arrival and departure times

Flexible scheduling has become increasingly common as we realise that prescribed working hours aren’t suitable for many working people. We’re not robots, after all.

At Mojo Soup, we’re about more than meeting deadlines. Instead of incessantly monitoring when our people clock in and out of the office, we’re focused on them delivering work to the scope and on time. This promotes a culture of productivity by prioritising results over targets.

2. Remote working or telecommuting

At Mojo Soup, we’ve adopted a hybrid working model that allows our team to strike a balance between working from home and in the office. Flexible workplaces enable teams to work in a way that suits everyone’s needs, including the business. In our experience, this increases team satisfaction and improves productivity.

3. Communication

Communication is key. We involve all team members in discussions about our work arrangements. This keeps us all balanced and on the same page. We regularly gather feedback to ask our Soupians about ways to improve our office environment. We love to keep our people happy!

Finally, and with a nod to the future, we’ve also trialled ‘work from anywhere’ so people can see their families overseas while working adjusted hours. As the saying goes, change or die – use the changing workplace trends to drive connections across your business and find opportunities to grow with your team.

You’ve got this.

Mojo Soup

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