Aaron Hayton

Power Platform Consultant

Aaron Hayton is our dedicated and creative Power Platform Consultant. With a background in tech that began as a support officer, Aaron has cultivated a customer-focused perspective on technology. Before transitioning into consulting, he honed his skills in helping clients identify their needs and building efficient systems to enhance their businesses.

As a valued member of our Power Platform Team, Aaron specialises in User Experience. He firmly believes that for technology to truly succeed in assisting people, it must be intuitive and easy to use, ensuring accessibility for a broader audience. Aaron is passionate about expanding his skills and collaborating with innovative technologies and incredible individuals.

Aaron is also an amateur leatherworker, and when it comes to TV, his top pick is Star Wars: Andor, as he is drawn to its political intrigue and captivating small-scale narrative which is reminiscent of the original films that continue to inspire him.