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Six Ways to Optimise Support Services to Help You Thrive 

Mojo Soup understands the importance of continuous improvement, enabled by ready access to the right expertise to help your digital solutions thrive. When solutions are cared for, the people and processes they enable will also thrive. 

Our Thrive service offering provides on-demand access to the expertise and experience of our team, with a commitment to availability and responsiveness. We work as an extension to your team and provide both overflow capability and capacity, along with a commitment to growing your internal capability. 

Here at Mojo Soup, effective support operations are the backbone of delivering exceptional Customer service that enable all of us to thrive. Zendesk, our go-to helpdesk tool, plays a pivotal role in streamlining communication, tracking client issues, and ensuring we meet and exceed our promises. 

Josh Grant is our Customer & Business Support Officer and dedicated customer champion, leading our continuous improvement initiatives to enhance our support services and drive operational excellence.  

To get the low down on the latest development, Josh has shared six key elements to optimise support services and their benefits for our customers. 

1. Improved Response and Resolution Data 

By adopting a premium subscription model, we’re able to more effectively measure, track and record our performance, resulting in a significant improvement in the transparency and availability of response and resolution data.  We’ve also augmented our reporting functionality within Zendesk itself, saving time and providing faster access to internal reports.

2. Greater Measurability 

Inspired by our Service Level Agreements (SLAs), our focus has evolved to include both resolution and response times. By distinguishing the urgent matters from the routine,  we are able to better triage and prioritise tickets while giving our customers the option to re-open tickets as needed. 

3. Account Management 

The addition of monthly account management meetings adds a personal touch for our customers. These meetings, conducted regularly with each project Account Manager or Tech Lead, keep us informed about changes to customer requirements, ensuring diligence around future plans and proactive planning and incorporation of changes to the type or frequency of support required. 

4. Service Excellence

At Mojo Soup, our service desk is also our ally for emergent issues, enhancement requests, and questions about what could be possible. While we’re always exploring ways to automate and drive efficiency, we also recognise the value of adding a human touch to our bespoke solutions as we strive to strike the perfect balance of technology and personal service. 

5. Support Transparency 

Our dedication to service transparency continues as we look to improve our customer experience by proactively following up on non-responses, enabling the more effective use of support time. 

Soon we will be releasing a new monthly report system which showcases customer wait times and accountabilities.  

By combining Zendesk and timesheet data, we can provide more detailed reporting around draw-down of hours including how they were spent, the current support hours balance, previous month’s data, and full task draw-down including information about where time was spent, including our response and resolution time data.  

6. Service Leadership 

Since taking control and championing our support services, Josh has reduced our median response time from 92 minutes down to 56 minutes. With this promising downward trend we are sure to see greater improvements in the future.  

As we work to align our weekly schedules with support demand, we will ensure our unwavering focus on improving the services you receive, continues.  As always, we welcome any feedback you have to share, let’s talk

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