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Quality Management

Our Management System to define and documented management practices, processes and responsibilities.

We maintain a Mojo Soup ‘Management System’ which defines and documents our key Policies and Procedures and is the basis for our quality management system. Our Management System is anchored around a standard project delivery life cycle, a set of key delivery roles, and is supported by a range of documented management practices which define the responsibilities for each of the key roles in relation to our key processes.

Importantly, for each project delivered by Mojo Soup, an internal Project Manager is assigned who is responsible for managing project delivery (scope, schedule, cost, risk and quality) according to our defined policies and procedures. Each project is also assigned an internal Project Director who is commercially accountability for project delivery of the contracted outcomes.

Our Management System is fully documented within an ‘always on’ online environment that is accessible to all staff, and training is provided during staff induction and routinely throughout the year. The application of the key management practices is also embedded within our supporting ICT systems to support repeatability and compliance with our defined management practices.