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Environmental Management

Our commitment to reducing environmental impact and promoting sustainable practices.

We utilise a standard employee agreement for all our full-time staff which adopts fair employment practices and includes the full suite of employee entitlements.

Our employee agreements and practices are reviewed annually by external HR Advisors to remain contemporary and up-to-date with relevant legislation.

Mojo Soup are committed to reducing our environmental impact and promoting sustainable practices within our organisation.

• Staff are encouraged to collaborate digitally, with very frequent use of collaborative technologies in the workplace which means we almost never print material and have been able to significantly reduce the amount of domestic travel;

• We have a work from home policy which is aimed at reducing the need for travel and associated environmental impact, and most staff regularly spend time working from home when appropriate.

• Staff are encouraged to utilise more environmentally friendly modes of transportation (e.g. electric scooters and bikes);

• Waste collection in the office separates recyclable waste and in particular staff are encouraged to utilise reusable coffee cups;

• We have a commitment to include plants in our office space to increase awareness of our natural environment and these plants are maintained by staff and not external contractors to foster responsibility for the natural environment; and

• We have an ongoing internal initiative led by two of our team members to promote sustainable practices at work and at home.

Any sub-contractors are also engaged under a standard independent contractors’ agreement which is reviewed externally and kept up-to-date with contemporary practices.