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Business Continuity Plan

Our policy for managing and mitigating risks related to disruptive events to ensure critical services can be maintained.

Mojo Soup has a business continuity plan for managing risks related to disruptive events to ensure Mojo Soup can continue to deliver critical services to customers. The business continuity plan is formally reviewed during the annual business planning cycle.

Our first priority is the immediate and ongoing safety of our staff and stakeholders in our workplaces. Alternative operating arrangements have been defined to address loss or reduced access to:

• Office/workplace

• Information and communications technology

• Key delivery staff

• Key management staff


In the event that our office/workspace was not accessible, staff and sub-contractors are instructed to work from home and/or the customer workplace. All staff are issued with a company provided laptop and mobile phone (with data plan) that enables them to work from anywhere.

Information and Communications Technology

In the event that our key ICT systems/hardware were not available, staff are instructed to seek alternative systems/hardware until such time as access is restored. As a mitigation all our core ICT systems are cloud based and have been selected for high availability and to meet our disaster recovery objectives.

Key Delivery Staff

In the event that a key delivery staff member is no longer available, we would identify an alternative staff member, with comparable skills and experience, or utilise the services of an approved sub-contractor to provide continuity of service.

As a mitigation, we utilise technology to capture working documents and work-in-progress and implement robust record keeping and note taking which enables efficient knowledge transfer, job-sharing and smooth on-boarding of new/temporary resources to projects.

We also take a ‘no surprises’ approach to delivery risk management that involves the early identification and communication of emerging risks and proactive approach to assessing and providing the appropriate mitigations. Importantly, we acknowledge that it is working as an integrated team with the customer and stakeholders that provides the best early warning and risk management approach for disruptive events.

We also have a company-wide ‘stand-up’ each Monday, Wednesday, and Friday which an opportunity is to discuss any emerging risks that would impact business continuity.

Key management staff

In the event that one of the Company Directors is no longer available, the remaining Directors will absorb the responsibilities and similarly for Associate Directors and Senior Consultants. We have a very flat structure which means the ‘management’ function is distributed amongst the entire team, and defined escalation pathways would be retained.