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How We Create a Positive Workplace Culture

Culture is the environment which surrounds us all the time. In a workplace, it’s the values, beliefs, attitudes, and assumptions we share with our colleagues. It’s influenced by personal backgrounds and the current social and cultural climate. While we’re at work this culture is shaped by the leaders and how the organisation is run.

A good workplace culture makes people work together better, feel happier, work more efficiently, and improved employee satisfaction. According to a Deloitte study, 94% of bosses and 88% of workers believe a clear company culture is important for a business to do well. The study also found that 76% of those workers believe having a clear business plan helps make a positive culture.

So, how do we foster a positive workplace culture at Mojo Soup?

Establish Clear Ethos and Values for the Organisation

We establish a clear set of core values within our organisation and make sure to effectively and openly discuss them with our team members, fostering a sense of belonging. These core values represent our organisation’s unwavering commitment to specific principles, such as “The Individual,” “Brilliant Minds,” “Community,” and “Customer Experience.” We prominently articulate these values in our brand story, and marketing materials.

We firmly believe in consistently demonstrating these values through our actions to instil a sense of personal responsibility in our team members. This approach allows our team members to reflect on their own alignment with these positive core values and take pride in upholding them.

Foster Collaboration and Communication

We actively encourage collaborative efforts and maintain ongoing dialogue. As part of our commitment to transparent communication, we have utilised the check-in process known as the Five Conversations Framework to keep in touch with our team’s morale. We value feedback and make sure it’s considered and integrated.

Moreover, we create opportunities for social interactions to further strengthen bonds within the team. As part of our Q1 23/24 plan, we’re excited to introduce various in-office activities aimed at bringing out members together. These activities range from something as simple and delightful as an ice-cream day to more active pursuits like boosting our step counts for “STEPtember.” We even have special days like “Soup Kidz and Soup Petz Day,” where our members can bring their children and pets to the office. For us, these occasions provide valuable opportunities for our team members to nurture and strengthen their connections with one another.

Create an Inclusive Work Environment

Our tagline, “Connected Brilliance”, perfectly embodies our commitment to fostering a positive and inclusive work environment. Here, every team member is recognised, appreciated, and actively encouraged to thrive, irrespective of individual characteristics or personal beliefs. We want our company to be a place where individuals feel safe and supported to bring their whole self to work.

We firmly believe everyone should enjoy equal opportunities for advancement and have equitable access to the perks and rewards we provide. We place a strong emphasis on using language which reinforces our gender-conscious and inclusive philosophy, focusing on the purpose of spaces rather than defining them by the gender identity of their users.

Create Clear Goals and Rewards for Employees

We are firm believers in fostering motivation and engagement among our team members, and we achieve this by ensuring equality and providing well-defined objectives to strive for. It is crucial for us to maintain a clear and open policy for career advancement, allowing individuals to track their performance and progression.

To maintain a harmonious environment within the team, we implement practical and measurable performance metrics. This approach helps prevent any negative emotions or resentment among team members. Our aim is to create an environment where positive reinforcement of goals and recognition of achievements are not just common practice but a way for our team members to genuinely feel appreciated.

The Wrap Up

Mojo Soup’s positive workplace culture is carefully crafted through our implementation of clear ethos and values, fostering collaboration and communication, creating an inclusive work environment, and setting clear goals and rewards for employees. By prioritising these elements, we not only improve teamwork, efficiency, and employee satisfaction but also contribute to our combined success of the business.

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