Streamlining stakeholder engagement through Power Apps for a Queensland Regulatory Body

Queensland Regulatory Body

The customer was seeking a Stakeholder Relationship Solution to support the delivery of its Stakeholder Engagement Strategy, previously managed through a collection of disparate documentation collation processes.


  • Improve the efficiency and effectiveness of the Stakeholder Engagement Strategy Solution
  • Leverage existing applications within the customer’s environment

    The Solution

    We provided a custom Model Driven Power App that supported the current strategy and process for engagement planning, engagement recording (planned and ad-hoc), monitoring and reporting. The Power App was designed and built to align with the specific requirements of the customer and designed to be user-friendly, allowing the stakeholders to manage their engagement activities more effectively.

    We also designed and built a Power BI reporting suite to support the reporting outputs required for performance and status of engagements. The Power BI reporting suite provided real-time insights into the engagement activities, allowing the stakeholders to make informed decisions and take action as needed.

    Our solution leveraged existing M365 applications to allow the sharing and communication of information, storage and management of IP, and generation of specific intelligence outputs. This integration ensured that the customer received a comprehensive solution that could effectively manage all aspects of its Stakeholder Engagement Strategy.

    To ensure that the stakeholders were able to effectively use the solution, we prepared and delivered end user training across the Power App and Power BI reporting suite to maximise user engagement and efficiency gains from the solution.

    Services Provided

    Digital & App Innovation
    Business Transformation


    • Efficiency and accuracy improvements across the Stakeholder Engagement Strategy.
    • Engaged stakeholders and user engagement driving productivity gains and outputs.