Enabling functionality and investment decisions through enterprise technology solutions assessment

Local Council

A local council engaged Mojo Soup to undertake a solutions options assessment of four Enterprise Project Management Solutions against the documented requirements.


  • Provide a comprehensive solution options assessment of the Enterprise Project Management solutions .
  • Evaluate the solutions against the documented requirements, bringing expertise and experience to provide feedback and recommendations.

    The Solution

    Our team carried out a current state system assessment of the existing EPM and SAP solutions in place and walkthrough of their environment. This provided Mojo Soup with a comprehensive understanding of the current systems, processes, and requirements of this client – critical to ensuring the solution options assessment was tailored to meet their specific needs.

    To validate business requirements and understand the key gaps in the current solution, Mojo Soup facilitated workshops with stakeholders. These workshops enabled our team to gain a deeper understanding of the requirements, including integration with other systems.

    With a comprehensive understanding of the environment and its requirements, Mojo Soup prepared a solution options assessment across the four Enterprise Project Management solutions. This involved a detailed evaluation of each solution against the documented requirements and a comparison of the capabilities and limitations of each solution. The solution options assessment also considered the costs, implementation time frames, and any other relevant factors to help our customer make an informed decision.

    Our team conducted a draft review of the solution options assessment document and supporting updated business requirements, ensuring that all aspects of the assessment were correct and accurate. The draft review provided an opportunity for Mojo Soup to receive feedback from stakeholders and make any necessary modifications to the document and ensure the final version provided the insights needed to drive critical functionality and investment decisions.

    Services Provided

    Business Transformation


    • A well-received solution options paper and supporting requirements assessment delivered with recommendations on the best-fit option.
    • Providing a strategic platform to move forward with decision-making and procurement
    • Providing a comprehensive evaluation of each solution, enabling our customer to make an informed decision on the best-fit Enterprise Project Management solution for their needs.