Data driven investment decisions informing the Annual Portfolio Plan for Energy provider


Our customer has responsibility to prepare the Annual portfolio plan which provides the 1-year, 5-year and 10-year investment roadmap. The investment planning is based on both the health index/condition of the assets and the assessment of the risk cost profile of the assets in the network. The current system for creating project proposals was being retired and our customer sought validation of a suitable option to replace the system using Microsoft technologies.


  • To provide options to replace project proposals technology with Microsoft technologies
  • To undertake a pilot incorporating design stage to identify requirements and success criteria
  • To implement and undertake user testing for solution validation

    The Solution

    During the pilot we implemented a model-driven Power App backed by the Dataverse to create a modern user interface for progressing project proposals through their life cycle. The solution sourced key data (functional locations, risk cost and health index) from their existing Enterprise Data Warehouse and augmented that with additional attributes to support portfolio planning. Microsoft Power BI was also an integrated solution. We are now progressing with the enterprise-wise implementation of the solution.

    Services Provided

    Digital & App Innovation


    • Well received solution providing measurable improvements
    • Provided the necessary insights and data to support investment planning
    • Increased the efficiency and usability of project proposals
    • Integrated data driven approach to prioritise investment decisions and develop a robust and well informed Annual Portfolio Plan